Research Projects

Research Briefs

Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County, December 2022

Published February 2023, USC Public Exchange

Kayla de la Haye, Michelle Livings, Wändi Bruine de Bruin , John Wilson,  Jose J. Scott , John Fanning & Rachel Wald.

Abstract: Food insecurity is defined as a disruption in regular eating because of limited money or other resources. This research brief focuses specifically on the latest developments in Los Angeles County, that reveal an unfortunate increase in food insecurity during 2022 after a brief period of respite in 2021. Our updated findings offer critical insights into this growing issue and underscore the urgent need for effective interventions and support to address food insecurity in Los Angeles County and elsewhere.

Works in Progress

Policing Los Angeles in the Context of the Black Lives Matter Protests

Jody Liu & Jose J. Scott .

Abstract: Using a regression discontinuity in time empirical approach, this paper explores changes in policing in the wake of the 2020 state sponsored murder of George Floyd, and subsequent protests. Looking at order maintenance arrests in the City of Los Angeles specifically, we hypothesize an increase in the number of arrests of members of BIPOC populations. Surprisingly, our results point to an opposite effect: while Black and Hispanic arrests decrease compared to the pre-intervention period, white arrests tend to remain stable across the time threshold. Further analysis seeks to identify the causal behavioral mechanisms behind police responses. 

Stakeholder's Perspectives on a Large Public Housing Redevelopment in Los Angeles

Judith L. Perrigo, Jose J. Scott, Kaylin Kim, Victoria Shier, Ashlesha Datar. 

Abstract: Forthcoming.

Rising Income Inequality Across the States: Evaluating the Impact of Economic, Demographics, and Policy Differences

Michael Thom & Jose J. Scott .

Abstract: Forthcoming.